What Is Aikido Training Like?

Aikido means movement.  If you are going to train, then you are going to move.  And that means falling down and getting up – again and again.

You are going to learn to fall down properly so that you don’t get hurt, and you are going to learn how to make someone fall down so that they don’t get hurt.

You must learn to fall down properly so that you don’t get injured.  If you get injured, then you can’t train.  If you can’t train, then…that’s not good.

There are many different ways to make someone fall to the ground, and there are many different ways to fall to the ground.  Our job is to teach you all of these things.

Aikido training can be very intense and focused, but still, above all, it should be enjoyable. The dojo is a laboratory where we are given the opportunity to learn from each other. Senior students, beginners, young, and old practice in a spirit of cooperation, working together to learn how to appropriately move their bodies in the most effective and efficient fashion.

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