Kagami Baraki

The Indianapolis Aikikai held our annual Kagami Baraki celebration on Monday, January 24, 2022.  This is the traditional “opening” of the dojo for the new year.

Kagami Baraki means the ‘opening of the mirror’ and is a Japanese New Year ritual.  In the dojo it has specific significance.  It is a time of recommitting (or committing if you are new) to your practice.   The ceremony consists of partaking in both sake (or tea) and mochi along with aikido training.

The sake symbolizes the spirit you bring to practice.

The mochi symbolizes the stickiness of your commitment.

What makes someone commit to martial arts training?  Some people want to learn some form of self-defense.  Others are more interested in getting exercise and/or improving their flexibility.  Still others are interested in the mental/internal side of training.   Whatever the reason, you should think about why you train and what you want to get out of your training.  And know this – the reason you get on the mat may change over time.

We welcome a new year of training.